Reviews of hand wound guitar pickups  by Dave Stephens, Stephens Design Stephens Design: hand wound pickups for tone connoiseurs
Product Line: SD  Hand Wound Guitar Pickups for vintage Fender Tele, Strat, Broadcaster, Epiphone, Gibson and more
Why SD Pickups?: Vintage Hand Wound Pickups
About Tone:  great vintage sound for Fender, Gibson, Les Paul, Epiphone and other guitars
Meet Dave Stephens: About Dave Stephens, owner of SD Pickups, hand wound guitar pickups for incredible vintage guitar tone
Ordering: How to order hand wound P90, humbucker, kaybar, and blade guitar pickups
Contact Dave Stephens with questions about ordering hand wound custom made pickups Links
Reviews and sound clips featuring hand wound pickups

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Reviews and Sound Clips: vintage Fender Tele and Strat sound clips and more Vintage Guitar Article about  Hand-Wound Pickups by Dave Stephens, Stephens Design Vintage Guitar Magazine review of Texas Mojo pickups